The Energy Mind Campaign

The Energy Mind Campaign

IMG_9378Background Information

In 2007,  Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) ,associated with Association for the Development of Environment Quality, had arranged the environmental conservation training camp for teachers and students in 35 schools. All teachers, students and personnel were trained about an energy use and eco-friendly system ,so that they can have a potential to objectively cooperate in school, creating an environmental conservation systemeffectively.

After the training, the schools kindly sent some ideas and campaigns for the contest to win our awards prepared to support environmental conservation campaign. Besides, we aim to encourage each school to develop their places supporting environmental conservation as well as inspire other schools to do so.

As a matter of fact, in order to arrange a long-term environmental conservation system in schools and getting supported by students who are concerned about living around good environment, each school has to organize a good plan with an association from everyone. Also, they must motivate the personnel by givingsome knowledge about adapting environmental conservation into school system.

For example ; Rearranging the administration system with environmental and energy concern; Controlling the pollution in nature ; Integrating useful courses for education as well as preparing some activities, then spreading into bigger community.

From 2010 to present, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)  ,associated with Association for the Development of Environment Quality,  Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University and Office of The Private Education Commission , has extended the project of environmental conservation in schools by arranging  “Energy Mind Award” campaign.

The campaign provides some supportive activities so that each school will be able to develop better environmental conservation system. To achieve this goal, each school needs some help from all teachers, students and personnel to create energy saving rules and perform as a daily routine as well as combining them into school’s activities, teaching methods, management and special occasions.

In addition to have a support of developing the environmental conservation as well as participate in some special activities arranged by the campaign , the schools associated in the “Energy Mind Award” campaign will also be evaluated the standard of environmental management andwin theEnergy Mind School Certificates, which are divided into  5 levels. Each level will be signed from 1-5 stars depending on the level of environmental management in the school. Also, they can develop more efficiency based on the standard marked.


  1.  Teaching an environmental conservation to all students and personnel in schools.
  2. Supporting each school to make a progress of a long-term environmental conservation system successfully and continuously
  3. Developing a better standard of eco-friendly system in schools corresponding with today’s energy use and environmental problems in society.
  4. Promoting theroleof schoolparticipating inenvironmental conservation subject.
  5. Giving important and useful information about environmental education to theschools.

Project’s ideas

Here are some ideas behind the Energy Mind campaign

  • The project creates a variety of activities with corresponding direction. The main goal is to develop school’s ability to substantializean environmental conservation system by using eco-friendly rules combining to the daily routines and activities such as reducing environmental emissions. The most important is to achieve environmental management in the school so that everyone can be concerned about environmental protection as well as adapt energy saving rules into their lifestyles.’
  • Each school is willing to participate in the campaign.
  • A long-term environmental conservation system is successful by the help of students and personnel in the school.
  • The campaign should be in compliance with the national education, policy focused onintegratingthe operations of theschool in terms of school’s teaching and management.
  • The campaign should be in compliance with school’s student-centered teaching.
  • The campaign should be in compliance with His Majesty King BhumibolAdulyadej’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, reducing the cost of energy, water as well as recycling progress. Also, the school is able to educate the importance of Sufficiency Economy to the students.

Target Group

Schools in theBangkok and its vicinity under theservice area of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA).

The duration of the project in each year     February – December.

Campaign’s benefits.


  • Being supported to develop learning process for students, as defined in the nation’s educational development plan.
  • Being certified the standard environmental conservation system from Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and the Association for Development of Environment Quality.
  • Understanding the meaning and concept of “Energy Mind Award” in order to develop environmental conservation system in schools.
  • Acknowledging the environmental management situationin their school and constantly improving the better system’s quality.
  • Having a privilege to send teachers and students to participate in environmental conservation training at RuamTawan Center, Kanchanaburi,and/or being able to attend other environment conservation campaigns.
  • Having the school’s information published and promoted by the Association for Development of Environment Quality, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) , Office of the Basic Education Commission of Thailand, Office of the Private Education Commission on their websites, creating a better reputation.
  • Usingan experience to develop the best environmental management in the school.
  • Receiving an award/a certification.
  • Reducing an energy cost in the school.
  • Being able to use an output wiselyafter learning aboutenvironmental conservationfrom the “Energy Mind Award” campaign. The school will get certified about the learning progress for students. Also, students will be more concerned and motivated to participate in volunteer projects arranged by other agencies.

Teachers, students and personnel:

  • Being able to learn and understand about an energy and environmental conservation.
  • Learning how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Learning management skill and apply it to teaching method.
  • Developing the team-work skill.
  • Having an opportunity to participate in environmental conservation campaign.