IMG_5488 After all schools have attended the Energy Mind campaign, participating in the environmental preservation and energy conservation project, EMA committee, together with the Association for the Development of Environment Quality; Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University has finally arranged an evaluation. The committee will visit the school , investigating an area then consider the result according to the evaluation form, in order to set the standard and give an award to the school with the most successful environmental management.

Energy Mind Award

Energy Mind Award has divided into 1 to 5 Star Levels according to 9 categories which are;

Category 1 : Rules and Campaign for energy conservation management.
Category 2 : Energy conservation Plan
Category 3 : A participation of personnel, students and parents in energy conservation
Category 4 : Energy management ( Efficiency of using energy, electricity and oil)
Category 5 : Energy learning course and progress
Category 6 : The participation and networking of energy conservation
Category 7 : Water system and wastewater reducing for a good environment
Category 8 : Waste management for a good environment
Category 9 : Performance indicators of Hydroelectric Energy and Carbon Footprint

According to the Star levels, the school with an outstanding energy conservation system will be rewarded by MEA :

5 Stars

Supporting fund for an energy conservation in the school 100,000 Baht A Certificate A Trophy

4 Stars

Supporting fund for an energy conservation in the school 60,000 Baht A Certificate A Trophy

3 Stars

Supporting fund for an energy conservation in the school 40,000 Baht  A Certificate A Trophy

2 Stars

Supporting fund for an energy conservation in the school 25,000 Baht  A Certificate A Trophy

1 Stars

A Certificate A Trophy

Energy Master Award

Energy Master Award will be given to a person who is committed to the energy conservation, proving activities to get students involved efficiently. The person will be considered by the knowledge of environmental and energy conservation as well as his motivation, sacrifice, an ability to communicate, a team-work skill, an effort and cooperation with the campaign. The winner will be honored with a Certificate and a Trophy from the EMA.

Young Energy Master Award

Young Energy Master Award is given to honor a group of student who runs an environmental conservation system in school with their effort to get their friends participated in the project effectively. The award does not only depend on the 5-Star Level, the committee will also consider their hard work, participation and sacrifice to get things done successfully. The winner will be honored with a Certificate and a Trophy from the EMA. After the committee has evaluated, MEA will launch the Energy Mind Award Presentation in order to give fund, certificates and awards to all schools with outstanding result by the Governor of MEA. Also, MEA has an honor to invite Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali for presenting a Trophy to the winner in that year.