1. What is the Energy Mind Award all about? 

Energy Mind Award is a campaign established by MEA, launching by Social and Environmental Department. The purpose of this campaign is aiming to develop energy conservation and environmental protection in schools by setting a standard for a school that runs effective environmental management system.

Although the campaign is set up by MEA, it did not focus on electricity in particular, but also emphasizes on the responsibility of students, teachers and personnel on creating a good habit to use all sources such as energy, water and wastes efficiently.

2. How can a school be participated in the campaign?

The school has to be under the responsibility of MEA in 3 provinces including Bangkok, Samut Prakarn and Nontaburi. The school can apply through our website www.energymindaward.com which opens at the beginning of every year.

3. What to do after applying for a campaign?

After applying the Energy Mind Award, the school has to set a leading teacher, a leading group of student in order to run the energy conservation system in the school. At the beginning, leading teachers and students have to attend the Energy and Environmental Conservation camp at Ruam Tawan Center, Kanchanaburi in order to be trained about energy and environmental management according to the campaign’s purpose. The school then has to do a research project for energy and environmental management system that can be used in the school, proceed and finish the project by collecting the result and send it to the committee for an evaluation. The committee will consider the project and set up the standard for each school right away.

4. What is the benefit of participating in the Energy Mind Award?

Once attended the campaign, the school will be able to reduce energy use which, however, is going to be effective if teachers, students and personnel are responsible and ready to see the result.

Not only informing about energy conservation to leading teachers and students, the Energy Mind Award campaign is also providing a variety of activity and exhibition in order to give knowledge and explain campaign’s purpose for energy saving management.

Once the committee evaluated the result, they will set 5 standard levels which are Energy Mind Award from 1 to 5 Stars. Also, there will be an award for teachers who did a great job on energy managing system. Energy Master Award and Young Energy Master Award are presented to a group of students that run the campaign effectively as teamwork.