Energy Master Award / Mentor Award 2011

Mrs. Tueanjai Damrongrat Benjamarachanusorn School Energy Master Award 2011 Position: Retired

“Energy is limited. We should use it wisely. Benjama is concerned to preserve environment and energy.”

Miss Wannapha Thongsiphlai Bangmod Wittaya School Energy Master Award 2011 Position: Vice-Director of Nonsiwitthaya School

The energy and environmental conservation system has faced so many obstacles but we have to focused and have faith in us, for our humanity and our world. Always believe that ‘Use safely, use for the best and use wisely’”

Mrs. Thanmon Manee St. Francis Xavier Convent School Energy Master Award 2011

“I always believe that ‘ Teachers are the King’s people’. My effort and hard working are my will to develop energy and environmental conservation system regarding of His Majesty’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy. The King is my idol. I have been working on this since 2008. I promise him every year that I will do anything to be the best energy and environmental ambassador…I promised.”

Mrs. Tharinee Yingthawon Khemasiri Memorial School Energy Master Award 2011

“As we all know, environment and energy are limited. To replace them with something is very difficult. It is important that today we should start protecting the nature with energy and environmental conservation. I always encourage my students to live eco-friendly lifestyles. I always say ‘Don’t be shy to be a saver and value things’”

Mr. Yuthaphong Wongmueangsan Vice-Director of Assumption College Thonburi Energy Master Award 2011

I work for energy and environmental conservation realizing the value of them. I encourage myself to create better living for people, hoping to develop environment in a sustainable manner.

Mrs. Wannaphat Sukhawatthanakul Maepra Fatima School Energy Master Award 2011

“My hard working and effort in participating in environmental conservation are making me proud to be able to do things that are useful for my school and society.”

Mrs. Wanphen Butyothee Triamudomsuksanomklao Nonthaburi School Energy Master Award 2011 Recently working at Sor Laeh Sueksa School

“Focusing on educating the value of energy and environment. Creating good intention and gathering people to be concerned of environmental conservation.”