Energy Master Award / Mentor Award 2014

Mrs. Aurawan Pongburut Nawaminthrachinuthit Satriwitthaya Putthamonton School Energy Master Award 2014

“ We have to realize the importance of energy and environment and preserve them not only for ourselves but for everyone in the future.”

Mr. Boonsrang Isarasena NA Ayutthaya
Assumption College Thonburi Energy Master Award 2014

You environmental awareness is the best way for environmental conservation

Mr. Luesak Matprom Sang Arun School
Energy Master Award 2014

“Change our behavior by using energy with awareness, brain-storming, creating relationship to support the longevity.”

Miss Punna Sangnaphapen
Poolcharoenwittayakom School Energy Master Award 2014

“Determination, Patience, Sacrifice, Generosity are specific qualification of good preservers.”

Mr. Pornsak Kouwprom Assumption College Primary Section Energy Master Award 2014

“Learning the value of energy today will create a great deal of plan for human’s survival.”

 Dr. Pornthip Tungchaiworawong
School Energy Master Award 2014

“Our ancestors built the great amount of power and energy for us. We have to use it wisely with awareness. It is our responsibility to preserve and collect the resource for our next generation.”

Mrs. Supranee Chareonkitmongkol
School Energy Master Award 2014

“Energy and environmental preservation in organization will be successful by everyone including students, personnel, parents, society and other relative organizations that are willing to participate with dedication.”

Mrs. Thunyalak Phinnoy Sang Arun
School Energy Master Award 2014

“Eat, Live, Acknowledge, think according to the philosophy of sufficient economy”

Mrs. Wiboonsri Kingkeaw St.Joseph
Thiphawan School Energy Master Award 2014

“No one achieves big things by himself alone. Building a good relationship with everyone in an organization creates power and energy.”

Mrs. Wilailuk Panngern Udomsuksa School
Energy Master Award 2014

“The Master of conserver in the act of protecting environment and saving energy that we should be following is our “King”“Environmental conservation Surviving by using sufficient economy philosophy Acknowledging the benefits of energy

Miss Wannapa Sriwilaisakulwong Satri Sisuriyothai School Energy Master Award 2014

The following methods can help encouraging youth to pay attention in environmental conservation in a long term process:

  1. Be wise and passionate
  2. Training just to see the result
  3. Participation

 Mrs. Wilaiwan Kachawong Triamudomsuksanomklao Samutprakan Energy Master Award 2014

“Working on energy and environmental conservation needs passion and awareness. No one forces us to do. We do it for our children and society to acknowledge, understand and realize the importance of it so that they can live happily with love and patience. Although it feels like being stuck in the storm but we never give up even there is only one person left”

 Mr. Wisit Jaimun Assumption College Thonburi
Energy Master Award 2014

“Recently, I have been thinking that people do not seem to realize the benefit of saving energy and environmental conservation. So I am planning to encourage students and personnel to save energy and use other resources wisely such as water, electricity, products and manage to stop pollution by giving them information effectively and constantly.”